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Open Silver & Gold Canoe Expeditions in East Anglia with AAP Anglia Adventures

Do something different and enjoy your expedition section by paddling through the beautiful remote waterways of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. With most routes about an hour on the train from London, you don’t have to lose the time and cost of travel to and from wild country areas.

Learn to canoe with us, including all the safety skills you will need and then you are off exploring the quiet rivers of East Anglia. Expect to discover natural hidden rivers that can only be accessed by canoes. With opportunities to spot wildlife and occasional fallen trees to be negotiated, expect an enjoyable adventure. At Gold level also expect to experience the huge skies of crossing open Fenland many miles from the nearest road.

Our canoe expeditions use top quality lightweight canoes, dry bags, barrels, tents and stoves. We can assure you everyone becomes great friends after the shared experience of canoe capsize drills!
Group bookings
With discounts for larger school groups up to 24 we are usually cheaper, with a more convenient location than walking expeditions. We are also able to combine Bronze walking with Silver canoeing using the same campsites for schools looking to minimise timetable, staff and travel costs. Canoeing is also a great way for groups with disabilities to take part on equal terms.

It is still possible for groups to arrange the 2 day training section up to end of October this year. Alternatively we can run a dynamic and fun capsize skills session in a swimming pool during winter for signed up teams.

Open Gold 2019 for individuals or small teams at £585 for training, practice and assessment.
8-12 April training and practice.
27-28 April training.
25-27 May practice.
23-26 June or 26-29 July assessment.

Open Silver 2019 for individuals or small teams at £535 for training, practice and assessment.
11-12 May training.
8-9 June practice.
20-22 June assessment.
Pics from 2018 on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Email [email protected] for more info

Course location:
East Anglia