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Open Silver Horseback Expeditions 2022 – Expeditions Wales (Brecon Beacons)

We are offering individuals with excellent riding and horse care skills the opportunity to join our open silver horseback expeditions for practice and qualifying. Price is £1295.00 per participant (covers DofE training, practice expedition and qualifying expedition). We provide hire of horses & saddlebags, extensive pre-course information, use of quality group kit, all campsite fees, qualified supervisor, DofE accredited assessor.
Training & Practice:
Mon 1st Aug – Thurs 4th Aug 2022
Qualifying (Assessed):
Tues 30th Aug – Fri 2nd Sept 2022
For full information and further details contact Alix on 07528 372160, email [email protected] or visit www.expeditionswales.co.uk

Course location:
Wales - Brecon Beacons
Course fee: