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Othona Community, West Dorset – Picturing Our World

What images grab your attention – on your phone, on television, in a book? How often is it great shots of the natural world? Come and drink in the spectacular sights of Dorset – distant views or close-ups. Join this family-friendly week and learn how to take and edit photos that capture wildlife and the countryside at their very best. A treat for your inner David Attenborough! This course is not specifically designed for DofE Gold Award participants, but will allow you to complete your Residential. You’ll be among other young people but also children and older adults in a community setting. George and Eleanor Corney, brother and sister, have been Othona regulars since their childhood. Both are keen amateur photographers.

Ellie recently trained as a teacher and George is something of a computing wizard. Ellie has led a number of fun summer weeks at Othona. They plan this event to be particularly good for photography beginners, but of course if you’re more experienced you’re welcome too.

We welcome families – as well as individuals or couples – on a week like this. On foot or using shared cars we’ll venture out into the Dorset countryside, seeking out the wonders of nature to capture on camera. George will introduce us all to some basic editing techniques. And for those who are interested there will be more advanced sessions on the use of Photoshop.

Please bring whatever camera you are most comfortable using, whether that’s just your phone or something a bit more heavy duty. Do come and join us for what we hope will be a chance for everyone to get creative, relax and enjoy the wonderful Dorset countryside. George and Ellie’s sessions will not fill the whole day. You’ll have plenty of time for the beach and all the other pleasures of a relaxing holiday in community at Othona. The framework for all this creativity is the Othona Community day, with its anchor points of lovingly prepared meals, simple shared jobs and quiet reflective times in chapel.

Othona is “a place to be real together” where generally we can keep the virtual world of phones and internet to a minimum. This week of course we’ll use plenty of technology, but can still have a break from the daily tide of digital trivia. That way we give ourselves more space for genuine meeting – whether with a person, a lizard or a sunset!


For more information, or to book, please contact us on;

Tel: 01308 897 130

E-mail: [email protected]

Web: https://www.othonawestdorset.org.uk/

Course date:
4th - 10th August
Course location:
Othona West Dorset centre
Course fee: