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Oyster Worldwide Gold residential – Volunteer Teaching or Coaching in Brazil

This inspiring project involves volunteers working at a youth centre in Sao Paulo, with young adults or coaching sport to them. You’ll immerse yourself in exciting Brazilian life as you see the country through a local’s eyes. The youth centre encourages young people to get off the streets and get involved in constructive, fun and educational activities. Coaching sport enables team-building and active engagement from the participants. The project promotes non-judgemental camaraderie to help young people improve their employability in the future.

You can take part in this programme for 4 – 12 weeks throughout the year.

What’s it all about?
Experiencing an upbringing which has been tough and providing some guidance as a role model to aspire to. As volunteers, you will teach life skills from basic IT commands and cooking to teaching conversational English and having the members teach you Portuguese. Coaching focuses on the sports side, playing and having fun at various sites, yet still focusing on having a personal impact with the young people and relieving them from the dangers of living on the streets.

How much does it cost?
4 weeks costs £975
Additional weeks cost £140 per week.
Professional Portuguese lessons cost £200

Accommodation is at the youth centre, having (normally) your own room. You receive an excellent cooked lunch at work and need to make your own breakfast and dinner; you receive a living allowance which more than covers this.

If you would like to take part in this programme then you can find more information on our website. Alternatively, please contact Destination Manager, Jon, at [email protected].

Course location:
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Course fee: