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Personal Safety & Self Defence Campaign (Gold)

Choose RESOLVEit for your Gold DofE volunteering section and you will not regret it!

As part of your Gold DofE volunteering with RESOLVEit, you will be expected to:

– Deliver safety messages using a variety of mediums.
– Run a 1-week social media campaign.
– Deliver at least one Personal Safety assembly.
– Offer safety talks to local groups / organisations.
– Plan and deliver a 1/2 day safety event.

You will gain a Level 2 BTEC in Personal Safety & Self Defence* as well as receiving training specifically focused on giving you the tools you need to deliver safety messages effectively.

We look forward to hearing from you…

* You can participate in the RESOLVEit Gold DofE challenge from anywhere in the UK but please note that you will need to attend Cardiff, Wales for one day to complete the practical BTEC Self Defence training.

For enquiries please contact: [email protected]

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Cardiff (training)
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