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Photography for Camera & Smartphone

Our DofE Photography for Camera and Smartphone courses are now discounted until the end of the summer term. £95 is a 15% discount and applies to all students.

We are finding an equal number of students joining for camera as for smartphone. We are Canon and Nikon dslr specialists but we know all of the major systems, and although the lessons are never too technical they will make you a confident and creative camera user.
Phoneography is taking the photography world by storm and whether you use android or Iphone we’ll unlock the secrets and show you how to master the new medium. In this new connected and exciting world, the only camera you need is in your pocket.
We teach via zoom and have a dedicated private site containing dozens of tutorials and all the support you require. Students need to be self motivated and enthusiastic but do not need previous photographic experience.

Click has been teaching DofE photography for longer than any other UK provider. We love sharing our passion and meeting our students in the new world of Zoom. This course is about you and each course is tailored to reflect your interests and passions as the world opens up again.

New courses start every 2nd Saturday
Our teachers are award winning professional photographers with clients including The Daily Telegraph, Channel 4, Australian Vogue & Time Magazine.

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UK and online
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