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Pod Volunteer – Community Education in Peru – Gold Residential

Join Pod Volunteer to support the children’s education team by assisting in afterschool lessons and the running of the community project

How can I help?

You will join a dedicated local team to provide educational support to children from low income families. The project is a supportive environment in which the children gain help and encouragement with their homework as well as access to the school resources they need.

As a volunteer, you will assist the children with their homework, provide one-on-one support to those that need it, as well as creating fun games and activities for the students to get involved with!

When can I join?

Any Sunday throughout the year for 2 – 12 weeks.

Where will I be living?

The volunteer apartment is basic but in a great central location, a short walk from both the project and local shops. Bedrooms are shared with 2-3 volunteers per room and there are shared bathrooms.

Huaraz is a small but lively city, filled with thriving markets, cafés and restaurants and a hub for the outdoor tourist industry. Surrounding the city, there are lots of outdoor activities including day walks, trekking, mountain climbing and mountain biking.

Placement fee

Volunteer placements start from £625 for 2 weeks. This includes accommodation, airport pick up and transfer to the project + planning your trip support from the Pod team.

To learn more about the Community Education project and the next steps on how to apply you can visit our website: https://www.podvolunteer.org/projects/community-education-peru

Pod Volunteer has a range of opportunities from?1-12 weeks at animal, conservation, child care support, education and teaching, building and community volunteering projects in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. You can see the full range projects that are available for your Gold Residential Award here.

You can get in touch with the Pod Volunteer team by email at: [email protected]