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Quaystage Sail Camps – Open Gold DofE Expedition (9 days) – 21 October 2023

Doing your DofE Expedition under sail is a true adventure, and there is nothing quite like the sense of achievement you will get from learning how to sail and navigate your boat, plan your voyage, and finally setting sail and taking command of your vessel!

Our Sailing Expeditions programmes are intense but exhilarating experiences, and don’t worry – we will be there every step of the way to help you through this challenge!
All our programmes include a practice and qualifying expedition, introductory training on your expedition yacht and instructions in voyage planning. We will also check in with you before the start of your programme, to help you prepare for your adventure.

Nine days is the perfect length to accomplish your Gold DofE Expedition section over your Easter or Half Term holidays without missing a day of school! However, as the programme itinerary is quite intense and the time for pre-expedition training limited, we recommend that you already have some sailing experience (RYA Start Yachting or comparable), as the programme could be a little overwhelming otherwise. In order to prepare you for the challenges of planning your expedition and navigating your vessel, our 9 day DofE Expedition programme includes access to our RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship course (online).

Not sure if your sailing experience is enough to brave the challenge? Or are you in fact a complete novice to sailing, but the 9 day programme just works best into your DofE plans? Just get in touch with us and we will help you figure out the best ways to prepare yourself for this adventure!

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