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Rich Adventure mixed abilities canoe expedition

Dates: 6-10 April, River Trent
6-10 July, River Wye
Rich Adventure are an AAP based in Central England, with extensive experience running canoe expeditions and adapting to participants with additional needs, whether this is dealing with recovery from an injury, long term health condition or SEN. This open expedition team is a great opportunity for those looking for an expedition with a warm welcome, and strong level of medical support on hand. We aim to provide a flexible training program with plenty of time to get to know each other, learn how to support each other’s needs and learn the necessary skills to be safe on the water.
During the practice you’ll plan an appropriate qualifying route for your team.

Our 10 day package to complete your training, practice and qualifier is £650 including VAT, equipment hire and camping fees- you just need to bring your own food, and we usually offer the opportunity to grab a sit down meal or takeaway on the first night. Please visit https://www.richadventure.co.uk/goldopenexpeditions for more information and a link to the booking page

Course date:
6-10 April, River Trent
6-10 July, River Wye
Course location:
River Trent, River Wye
Course fee: