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Rich Adventure Open Gold expedition with medical support/ short distances summer 2019

We are bringing together a team for a Gold open expedition package (training, practice and qualifier) for those who are unable to take part in a standard expedition, due to either physical injuries or illnesses which reduce their ability to journey for a long time each day.

This team will be taking regular stops through the day, and distances will be planned based on what the team feels able to do as a whole. Initially we are looking at a walking team, but depending on interest and what suits you best we may also offer a canoe option. There will be a greater focus on aim work, and the team will choose an appropriate project for their qualifier during the practice. It is ideal for those with long term injuries, hypermobility, diabetes, heart or lung conditions, vestibular disorders or other illnesses requiring regular attention or rest through the day. There will be an option to carry only safety equipment and have bags transported to camp, and if needed, we can provide closer supervision than is expected at Gold, and advanced medical cover.

The expeditions will be run by Pete and Claire Rich, who have both volunteered for the ambulance service for a number of years, attending 999 calls in our local area. We carry advanced first aid equipment on all our courses, including a defibrillator and oxygen supply. Through personal experience and managing the needs of DofE teams for over 12 years each, we have a good understanding of managing health issues in the expedition environment.

Please get in touch if you are interested; we are looking to run the expedition section in 2 5-week blocks between July and October, and are looking for participants who can co-ordinate dates with our existing enquiries. We are initially planning a practice in the Peak District and qualifier in the Yorkshire Dales, but this is also open to discussion to find the right choices for the team. We also welcome participants who may need variations on our advertised dates in July and August, both for canoe and walking expeditions.

Please email [email protected] or call 01283 684030 for more information or to discuss your individual needs, or visit our website www.richadventure.co.uk/goldopenexpeditions for more information.

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