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Root Camp – Field to Table Cookery Residential

Root Camp is a residential field-to-table cookery school for teenagers aged 15-21. We work in the kitchen creating simple, healthy and cost-effective meals from scratch that we eat together as a group. We spend half our time doing activities ‘in the field’, which ranges from planting and harvesting, fishing, foraging to beekeeping, spoon carving and more.

At Root Camp, we believe that to really know what is in a dish, you must cook it, and that cooking – simply or ambitiously – is one of the pleasures in life and a crucial part of being an adult.

We see what vegetables look like in the ground, how they taste when freshly picked, the kind of people who nurture them, and the process by which produce reaches our plate. We bring together young people from all backgrounds and are proud of our diverse community.

We are committed to a socially diverse and inclusive approach. We provide financial support for people from lower income families to attend, as this is where health problems are most severe. We have also found that diverse groups are the best way to achieve changes in attitude and behaviour.

All our courses have just 16 participants per course in order to give each participant one on one attention. The residential courses are perfect for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and have been a great success with DofE participants in the past.

Root camp is hosting four camps in July and August of 2019.

Week 1: 15th-20th of July,

Week 2: 22nd- 27th of July,

Week 3: 29th July- 3rd of August,

Week 4: 5th – 10th.

Please see our website for more information and sign up for your course.


For more information head to rootcamp.co.uk where you can find and book a course!

Course date:
15th-20th of July,
22nd- 27th of July,
29th July- 3rd of August,
5th - 10th of August.
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