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Scorpion Airsoft Gold DofE Residential – Norfolk

Are you looking for a challenging and fun way to complete your Gold Residential section?

Based in the beautiful Norfolk Countryside, Scorpion Airsoft are an ex-military team capable of ensuring you complete the required 5 days and 4 nights away from home.
The course is packed full of interesting activities, it’s fast paced and will certainly keep you on your toes. Working alongside fellow
DofE participants you will gather the necessary skills required to achieve the end goal and successfully complete the mission.

Our team of ex-military and serving Fire fighters have designed an itinerary, packed full of challenging scenarios. Each day is different and perfectly balanced so you gain new skills and challenge yourself. You are certain to make new friends along the way too.
With all challenging events there is always a requirement to have fun and our indoor games night is legendary added to that our end of course beach games and BBQ at Wells Next the Sea is one of the many highlights of the week.


” Amazing experience, met friends for life and will never forget the people, place or time spent having laugh.” Thomas from West Midlands

“An amazing week despite being a total beginner to airsoft, the games were fun and the location was fun for all different scenarios. Living and playing together helped build many friendships and overall it was a great time.” Tomos

” Came into it really nervous about having to live with strangers, especially 11 boys and only 1 other girl, but the experience was amazing and made some amazing new friends, plus I learnt not to put olive oil on chips!!!!” Amy from Norfolk

The cost of the course is £350 per person, this incorporates:
4 nights accommodation.
All meals and drinks.
Safety equipment.
Airsoft Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF).
Transport to Training Centre and airsoft venues.
All transfers to train station.
All activities.
All Bedding


26th – 30th October 2020

If you would like to book please email us at [email protected] or for further information please visit our website http://scorpionairsoft.uk/duke-of-edinburghs-award

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