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Sharp Shots Photo Club – Bronze/Silver DofE Photography Skills ECourse (3-6 month)

Sharp Shots Photo Club – Our popular webinar Bronze/Silver DofE photography eCourse runs over a 12 week period (silver- 6 month)and will cover all the photography skills and assessment needed for successful completion of the award.

Available nationally when taking our webinar based eCourse.

DofE Webinar eCourses:

– Webinar eCourse Summer term 2019 – April 28th to July 14th
– Webinar eCourse Autumn term 2019 – dates TBC April 2019 (contact to register a place)

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Online Photography Course

What the courses include:

– 3 live webinar workshops. These will be held monthly over a 3-month period and the students are expected to practice their skill assignments and build their portfolio throughout the 3 months.
– Silver Award students have the opportunity of taking a 6 month course.
– Students will receive a personal online login to the course where they can access the weekly assignments which are released week by week. They will also have access to lots of other helpful resources.
– Opportunity to join a “members only” Sharp Shots DofE Facebook group, where students can interact with each other, share photos and tips.
– Sharp Shots will assess the student’s photography throughout and give on-going guidance and support through social media and email
– End of course assessment, DofE skills reporting and sign off.

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or email: [email protected]

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