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Sherwood Bushcraft Residential

Our five day, four night bushcraft residential takes place at our secluded camp in a quiet corner of Sherwood Pines.

Spend the nights sleeping in shelters that you have built yourself and spend the days cooking your food over the campfire and learning new bushcraft skills. Master fire lighting techniques, learn safe tool use, traditional woodworking and basketry and have a go at some forest crafts. From beginners wishing to learn the basics to those looking to master advanced skills, we’ll make sure there’s something for everyone.

By the time your adventure has ended you will have made some charcloth, a leather tinder pouch, a firesteel with an antler handle, a tent peg, a wooden mallet, peg board and spatula, a willow basket, some cordage, some artist’s charcoal and a willow tray.

We are an Approved Activity Provider for the Residential section of your Gold DofE Award.

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Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire
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