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Short Courses at Nottingham Trent University – Exploring Equine Science for 16 – 17 Year Olds

This course will give you an insight into the world of science using the horse as a model species.

It will help you to develop an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the key principles in biology.

We’ll introduce you to the principles and practices that are critical to how we manage, train and understand horses.

You will develop your knowledge, understanding and awareness of horse care and management and at the same time, we will introduce you to skills and information that are essential for anyone considering a career in science, whether hands-on with horses or in an educational, laboratory, advisory or technical role.

It’s ideal if you are considering further studies in equine and animal science, veterinary science or another STEM based subject.

During the course you will learn:

– the key considerations for the care and management of horses
– how to identify indicators of good health and wellbeing in horses
– essential concepts for the training and behaviour management of horses.

What will you gain?

By the end of the course, you will have gained an appreciation of equine science as a potential educational/career opportunity, with a recognition of the different avenues and areas of interest that the subject entails.

You will also have developed an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of;

– equine care and management
– equine health and disease
– equine training and behaviour.

You will also have the opportunity to develop more generic skills during the course in terms of team working, communication skills and personal confidence in undertaking novel challenges and experiences.

Level: Open to all

Entry requirement: You should have an enthusiasm and active interest in science, and where possible, some practical experience of working with animals.

Where you’ll learn: You will study across both the City and Brackenhurst campuses, to give you experience of studying on both a city and rural university environment.

Transport between the two campuses is included in the price.

How you are taught: There will be a mix of classroom lessons and some practical opportunities and hands-on experiences related to equine science.

The Brackenurst Equine Unit will provide real-life, hands-on opportunities to apply and explore the knowledge you have learned during the course using our own horses.

Tutor Profile:

Dr Kelly Yarnell is an experienced equine scientist who has worked in the research, education, and commercial equine worlds.

She has a particular interest in sustainable veterinary treatments using medical and nutritional technologies and works as a Principal Lecturer in Animal & Equine Science at Nottingham Trent University.

Kelly has worked in the animal and equine industry as a veterinary nurse and then as a Welfare Executive for The British Horse Society.

She has a PhD in Equine Physiology and a BSc in Human and Equine Sport Science. Kelly has strong links with industry including collaborative research with Anpario Nutrition, Stallion AI services, Twemlows Stud, Newmarket Equine Hospital, Veterinary Vision and the Swiss National Stud.

This means that Kelly can provide real-life insights into working with horses as well as in the animal-related and wider allied sectors more generally.

Need accommodation?

You can book a self-catered, single room with private bathroom on our city campus.

If you’re aged 16 or 17 then you can stay unaccompanied with agreement from a parent/guardian.

Find out more at: www.ntu.ac.uk/summeraccommodation

Doing your Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award?

This course can count as your Gold DofE Residential.

DofE participants must book both the course and accommodation on campus for this to count towards your Gold Award.

Course date:
Course location:
Nottingham Trent University
Course fee:

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