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Silver Practice Expedition

Participants will arrive late afternoon (18:30pm) of the 25th and the final expedition checks will be completed. This will include a full kit check and any relevant training. Young people will be allocated expedition groups and a route planning exercise completed for the following 2 day 2 night expedition. Groups will then the following day begin their practice expedition travelling through the Dark Peaks. This expedition will be supported by our DofE instructors who will work through the DofE training framework throughout the weekend to ensure you can prepare for the qualifying expedition in the future.

Note: All participants need to provide their own personal kit and food for the entire expedition. Group kit such as tents, stoves, fuel, maps and compasses are provided. Participants also need to arrange their own transport to and from the expedition area. A full itinerary will be provided upon request.

Participants will be allocated their own tent and stove and extra hygiene measures will be in place for hand washing etc.

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Peak District (Hope Valley)
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