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Silver Practice Expedition (& Training)

Hillgoers, based in Aberdeenshire, are delighted to offer an Open 2-day Silver Practice Expedition for participants in the local area.
This is an ideal opportunity for Gold participants who would like to use their Gold Practice expedition as their Silver Qualifier but still need to do a Silver Practice, enabling them to achieve both their Silver and Gold Awards.
In order to participate in this Silver Practice expedition you must have completed the Silver training framework, which we can assist with at an additional cost.

The Practice Expedition Package Includes;
• 2 days in total with participants returning home to sleep at night
• A fully qualified supervisor
• Pre-expedition planning meeting using videoconferencing and the use of a team information sharing drive
• Help with organisation of routes, meal planning, itineraries, venues, logistics
• Use of individual stoves, gas, maps, 2-way radio & emergency equipment
• Emergency basecamp backup throughout the expedition

We will be ensuring extra safety precautions are followed to prevent COVID-19 transmission including;
• Participants to social distance according to Scottish Government guidelines at the time
• Participants to carry and use their own equipment & food
• Participants will need to make their own, individual transport arrangements to and from the expeditions

If you are interested please see our website and contact us.

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