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Silver Sailing Expedition

This is a 7-day Bronze Sailing expedition. We run the trip in 2 parts with the first 3 days being a practice expedition under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors. The students will play an active part in running the boat, planning the passage, stocking up the boat with supplies, making decisions on sail changes and lots more. Day 4 is an alongside day to plan for the final expedition.

Day 5 sees a change of staff with our instructor leaving the boat and one of our expedition assessors joining for the last 3 days which is the qualifying expedition. The students are expected to run all aspects of the trip under the watchful eye of our assessor.


For more information please contact us on https://youandsea.com/our-courses/duke-edinburgh-award/

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Rhu Marina, Nr Helensburgh, Scotland
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