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Soakster Skills Course – Learn to make bath bombs, soap and sugar scrubs

Our 12 week Skills course is aimed at complete beginners and is suitable for either Bronze or Silver awards. It is easy to follow and contains illustrations & photos at every point to show you each step of every recipe. We are also available for email support throughout the 12 weeks.

This is a 50 page digital download course which you can complete at home – scheduling your weekly skills study around other commitments. You will have lots of photo opportunities – and get to use all the products you make.

You will need to buy ingredients to complete the course – but full details of recommended suppliers / stockists are included to help you.

What is included in the price?

Illustrated instructions
Troubleshooting guide
Equipment & ingredients list
Recommended suppliers list
Weekly progress template
Email Support
End of course assessment

Availability – download anytime/nationwide


For more information please go to https://www.soakster.com/duke-of-edinburgh-course

Course location:
Online / Distance learning
Course fee: