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St John Ambulance – Vaccination Volunteer

St John Ambulance responds to health emergencies, supports communities, and saves lives. In times of crisis we are England’s national health reserve, so we are working with the NHS to support the delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine and we need your support.

Our vaccination volunteers will deliver these vital jabs and take care of people before and after they receive them. No matter where you are from in the country and what your clinical experience is, we welcome your interest in the different volunteering opportunities available.

As a charity with a long history of serving humanity, we are excited about creating a healthier, safer, more resilient future.

Whatever your skills and time you have to share, you can help. Join St John Ambulance in the fight against COVID-19. There are three roles you can choose from:

• Vaccination Care Volunteer (age 16+) – Vaccination Care Volunteers will be supporting citizens all the way through from arrival to discharge. They will help citizens get to the right place to receive their vaccination and be on hand to provide first aid if anyone has a medical emergency.
• Volunteer Patient Advocate (age 16+) – Volunteer Patient Advocates will concentrate entirely on the welfare of citizens through their experience, potentially looking after individuals and small groups all the way through the centres. If anyone has a medical emergency then a Volunteer Patient Advocate will be able to recognise it and get help quickly.
• Volunteer Vaccinator (age 18+) – Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, Volunteer Vaccinators will be trained to deliver a vaccination to a citizen, giving them protection against COVID-19. They will also be ready to act if a patient has an adverse reaction.

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