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Strange Creative Studio – Creative Careers Course

12 weeks – £75

Do you love the thought of having a fun job that you love, but not sure where to start?

Do you find that the subjects you’re learning at School don’t get you excited for your future?

Are you a creative person, but not sure how to turn your hobbies into a career? We can help. Our 12-week course explores a wide range of career options in the creative industries. Learn how to earn money from subjects like: Graphic Design, Web Design, UX and UI, Photography & Videography, Make up Artists and Hair Stylists, Creative & Art Direction, Artists & Illustrators, Game Design, Motion Design & Animation, Music production, Fashion & Textile Design, Fashion Styling, Plus practical skills such as whether or not to work for another company or start up on your own, how to write a CV and build a portfolio, and whether or not you need to go to uni.