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Tall Ships Youth Trust – DofE Sailing Gold Residential

This 4 night voyage qualifies for the DofE Gold Residential Section.

You will learn the fundamental aspects of sailing whilst working towards your RYA Start Yachting qualification. By the end of the voyage you will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, ropework and be aware of safety on board.

You will sail along the coast and may have the opportunity to visit Largs, the Isle of Bute, Portsvadie, Tarbert or Holy Loch. The route will be planned at the beginning of the week and reviewed each day depending on the weather conditions and time available.

The first day will include meet and greet followed by a safety briefing before leaving. You will then begin to learn basic sailing techniques and experience man over board practice. The evening will be spent alongside where you will have the traditional Tall Ships’ fajitas dinner.

Over the following days you will build your sailing knowledge whilst having fun and making friends. You will be involved with all aspects of sailing the yacht from looking after the boat to cooking and cleaning. After a day at sea most evenings will be spent covering theory, playing games, relaxing and socialising or you may have the chance to go ashore. Any crew members who go ashore will be accompanied by an adult.

For more information please go to https://www.tallships.org/rya-start-yachting-academy 

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From £293.50