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The Avenue Cookery School – Kids Cooking Skills Club

Our fun-filled Kids Cooking Club Classes are a fantastic way to learn a variety of new culinary skills and easy recipes to make from home! These short but sweet classes are also perfect for those needing to complete their skill section for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold.

This hands-on Kids Cooking Club is perfect for those looking for a fun and relaxed way to learn a new skill – whilst having loads of fun doing it!

We’ve decided to steer away from the ‘usual’ cupcake decorating & pizza making and teach kids a range of more useful recipes, techniques and tastes! Of course, a cupcake here and there never goes a miss, but we endeavor to eradicate fussy eaters and enter kids into a more ‘adult’ and delicious foodie world!

Each class, kids will cook in pairs or as teams and will whip up their very own tasty dish to either eat in our kitchen or take home. We will begin the classes with a short demonstration displaying what will be cooked during the class, followed by hands-on cooking putting their newly found culinary skills to the test. Guidance and support will be offered throughout from our friendly, laid back and dedicated chefs but we will ensure all kids get their hands dirty – after all what’s a better way to learn?!

If there is time we will squeeze in extra cooking skills and recipes!

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Wandsworth, South West London
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