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TRU Experience Travel Gold Residential- Healthcare Volunteer in Bali

Our projects provide individuals with the chance to help develop and support the communities to help sustain a better way of life, be it for humans or animals. TRU Experience Travel’s residential opportunities are both empowering for the volunteer and those in need of your help, making your experience memorable.

Contribute to the development of health care in Ubud by working as a professional or teach basic first-aid and methods to maintain personal hygiene to the local community, mainly children. Your day will begin at 9 am and finish at pm with a break for lunch.

From £400.00 to participate. The project starts every Monday with airport pick up on Sunday. Accommodation, Meals,24/7 support, project coordinators are always available on site, and local staff are present to assist volunteers and offer guidance when needed. You will also receive a certificate of participation.

Website: www.truexperiencetravel.co.uk

Email:[email protected]

Phone: +44 (0)1494 526163

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From £400