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TRU Experience Travel Gold Residential- Sports Coaching in Thailand

Volunteer with us in Thailand through the Sports Coaching project, which takes place at several schools in the Singburi area.

At these schools, you will add an essential element to the current sport, physical education, and health curriculum for the children.

This program gives children the opportunity to get more involved in sports, as there is currently only one hour of sports lessons a week in the existing curriculum. This volunteer experience also hopes to introduce new sports to the children that they would not likely get involved in otherwise.

The training sessions consist mainly of team sports such as football, netball, volleyball, rugby. In the school’s current sports curriculum, the boys train in football and the girls in volleyball. With this program, we are aiming to broaden the types of sports that these children can participate in with the help of volunteers.

From £400.00 to participate. The project starts every Monday with airport pick up on Sunday. Accommodation, Meals,24/7 support, project coordinators are always available on-site, and present to assist volunteers and offer guidance when needed. You will also receive a certificate of participation.

Website: www.truexperiencetravel.co.uk

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Phone: +44 (0)1494 526163

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From £400