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Type IT! 12-Week Remote Touch-Typing Course for Bronze/Silver DofE

As well as achieving your DofE Skill with us, you will also learn a skill for life! We offer a 12-week remote touch-typing course for participants aged 13+.

This is a course with a difference because as well as completing your one-hour weekly lesson from home, you will also have your own experienced personal typing tutor who will guide and motivate you through the course from start to finish.

Using our bespoke interactive software, your tutor will check your keystrokes and feedback to you each week, giving advice on any tricky keys and setting your next lessons. Your tutor will help you learn all of the home row, top row and bottom row keys including punctuation, numbers and speed exercises. You will receive an end of course certificate and we will submit your Skills Assessor Report.

You are likely to finish the course with an accuracy of over 95% and a speed of 30wpm+. A wonderful skill to have for school, university and future employment. A great inclusion for your UCAS application and C.V.

For more information or to book a place, please go to: www.touchtypeit.co.uk/dofe or you can call us on 020 8434 7111. Email: [email protected].

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Home Study
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