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Type IT! – Learn How To Touch Type In Just 3 months!

Type IT! – Learn How To Touch Type In Just 12 Weeks!

Learning to touch type for your DofE Skill is a great choice and a skill that you will use for life!

Our 12-week remote touch-typing course is ideal, allowing you to do your one hour practice each week from home in your own time, but with the reassurance of a dedicated typing tutor on hand to help you each week.

• No need to upload any stats or data – we check remotely.
• No need to be on Zoom – learn from home when it suits you!
• Written feedback from your tutor EVERY week.
• We will check your results once you have completed your lesson.

This course has been specifically for DofE students by our Course Director, Wendy Petersen. Our courses have been running for over 10 years now, helping thousands of students learn to touch type.

Not only will you learn to type all of the keys but you will be able to perfect other important skills such as copy typing, numbers and symbols. You will also complete a separate speed module.

• Start your course at any time from the comfort of home.
• Easy to follow typing programme.
• Full audio and video instructions throughout.
• Your specialist tutor will check your work and adjust your lessons to suit you.
• Dyslexia/dyspraxia friendly.
• We will submit your Assessor Report.

With your one-hour commitment to practice each week, you are likely to finish the course with an accuracy of over 95% and speeds in excess of 40wpm+.

A wonderful skill to have for school, university and future employment. A great inclusion for your UCAS application and C.V.

£195.00 for 12 weeks (Bronze/Silver)?
£295.00 for 6 months (Gold) ?

5 Star Review on Trustpilot

“I really enjoyed the online courses, especially because there were tutors there to help us remember all the finger positions to help us become quicker. The programme we used to touch type was also really helpful and fun! I can now it to help me get faster and faster at touch typing.”

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