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Type IT! – Type Without Looking – Break The Speed Limit!

How Fast Can You Type?

If you would like to have faster keyboarding skills for schoolwork, exams or gaming, this is the course for you!

One of our previous students is now typing at 102wpm! That’s 5 times faster than before!

If you would like to be a ninja typer and type automatically WITHOUT LOOKING, then learn with us for your 12-week skill!

Why should you choose us for your course?

• 100% pass rate.
• We will have you typing accurately and FAST!
• An Approved Activity Provider for over 5 years.
• Our course is personalised just for you.
• All of our specialist tutors are Enhanced DBS checked.
• Easy to follow – you can’t go wrong!
• We give detailed feedback EVERY week!

Course Details

• Zoom Free – learn from home when it suits you!
• Specialist tutor on hand to support you.
• All modules including detailed tutor feedback is online.
• Full audio and video instructions throughout.
• No uploading of stats required – we check remotely.
• Week 3 video analysis.
• Written feedback EVERY week.
• Automatic submission of your Assessor Report.
• Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/Dysgraphia support.

How does it work?

1. Complete your booking form and payment.
2. Choose your start day.
3. Read your starter pack.
3. You will be assigned your dedicated specialist typing tutor.
4. Complete your one-hour lesson by the deadline day.
5. Your tutor will analyse your typing results and:-
• Set your work
• Give you feedback on how to improve
• Assign your next lesson.
7. Complete your course in 12 weeks.
8. We will upload your Assessor Report directly with the DofE.

What will I learn?
• Type WITHOUT LOOKING automatically from day 1.
• Touch type home row keys, top row, and bottom row keys
• Paragraph typing
• Speed exercises
• Numbers and symbols
• Shift and punctuation keys
• Correcting errors using the backspace key
• Extension activities (dictation, advanced speed work).

What amazing skill will I achieve?

• Fast and accurate typing!
• Finish the course with at least 95%+ accuracy and 40wpm+.
• A skill you can add to your UCAS and C.V.
• A digital skill for future employment.

What does it cost?
£240.00 for 12 weeks (Bronze/Silver)
Fees can be paid monthly (£80/month for 3 months)
Option to do 6 months for Silver/Gold. (An additional £120)

What do others say about us?

* Just one of many 5 Star Reviews on Trustpilot… *

“A fantastic way to learn touch typing skills!
When my son needed to learn a new skill for DofE, the 12-week course, aimed specifically at DofE students, seemed like an ideal option. It offers an excellent introduction to touch typing, covering all the main keys on the keyboard in a well-structured and manageable series of lessons. Progress is rapid, with several new keys and techniques covered each week and a smattering of games in the mix to break up the learning and reinforce skills. I was particularly impressed with the feedback that was given each week by Tracy, my son’s tutor, which was detailed, precise and always constructive, enabling him to make the most out of each week’s lessons. Overall, this has been a fantastic course and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

“My son completed his DofE skills award by participating in a 12-week touch typing course. I am so pleased that he chose this course and am amazed at the progress he has made in 12 weeks. It’s been such an easy process and well worth taking part in. His tutor, Olivia Duke, was so positive and encouraging in her weekly feedback and reviews. I highly recommend this course to anyone regardless of whether they are doing the DofE or not.”

Read more 5* reviews – https://www.trustpilot.com/review/touchtypeit.co.uk

How to Book

Please click here to complete our 2-minute booking form.


Or Call Wendy on 020 8434 7111
Email: [email protected].

Type IT! – Finalist for Educational and Training Provider of The Year 2022 – West London Business Awards.

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