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Volunteer for a Leonard Cheshire Disability home

Leonard Cheshire Disability can support you to complete the volunteering section of your Award. Volunteering includes a wide range of options, including volunteering that can be done from home.

Some of the volunteering you can do includes: 

• Support regular events such as games nights

• Organise your own event at the home (music, theatre, magic, dance, art, etc)

• Organise an external event to support the home

• Help out with mealtimes 

• Improvement to the homes (painting, gardening, clearing, etc)

• Support residents to use technology 

• Help out with games, sports days, and fetes 

• If you’re over 18, you could support people to attend events or go along to venues locally

• Help with research, admin tasks, event promotion, and fundraising

The volunteer coordinator at the home will support you to plan and complete your DofE volunteering. To find out which a service is closest to you, complete our contact form: https://www.leonardcheshire.org/node/2895