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Volunteering in Bournemouth with LifeLink

 LifeLink is a scheme run by Bournemouth People First, a charity run by and for people with learning disabilities.

The LifeLink scheme is about helping people with a learning disability to have a better life. We want people with a learning disability to be more a part of their local community.

We will match you with a person with learning disabilities based on your shared interests and hobbies. After being matched you will have training delivered by people with a learning disability. Once you have had the training you will then be able to go out into the community with the person we have matched you with. You can both decide together where to go and what to do, but it should be something that you both enjoy.

So why not be a LifeLink Buddy, Make a Difference, Change Lives and Do What You Enjoy!

For more information please call 01202 303765 or email [email protected] or visit the website www.outright.org.uk