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Volunteering opportunity with the British Mini Rex Club

The British Mini Rex Club is a rabbit club that specialises in a small and docile breed of rabbit called Mini Rex. Rabbit shows are held most weekends at various venues throughout the UK. We have an active Junior section that meet at shows on a regular basis to exhibit their rabbits and to promote the Mini Rex and the welfare and husbandry of this breed.

Volunteering with the British Mini Rex Club is very practical and gives you the opportunity to develop fantastic new skills which include:
• Assist in the putting up and taking down of the pens in the show hall in preparation and in completion of a show;
• Assist in the duties during the show day, kitchen / stewarding / book stewarding / distributing rosettes / administration at the show;
• Assist in the maintenance of show assets such as show pens and equipment;
• Support and assist new exhibitors on a show day;
• Promote the club and its work in the community.

For further information contact the BMRC Approved Activity Provider Manager at
[email protected]