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Volunteering opportunity with the Reading Agency

Receive up to £750 to develop an idea to get young people reading

Do you have a great idea to inspire other young people to read more? The Reading Agency are offering £750 to support projects from groups as part of their volunteering section: https://t.co/BNRsfSNHXG

In 2017, Reading Hack will be offering up to £750 each to six groups of young people (aged 13-24) to help them develop a project or idea that will encourage other young people to read more.

We’re looking for fun, exciting ideas that will appeal to young people who don’t find reading enjoyable, or don’t see its value. It might be an event, an app, a short film, an anthology of creative writing or something else entirely – anything your group thinks will encourage others to read for pleasure. This opportunity isn’t limited to existing Reading Hack groups – we want to hear from everybody!

The deadline for applications is Monday 20th February – you can find out more about the Call for Ideas and how to apply here.

For this opportunity to count as a DofE volunteering activity you must make sure that it is structured to fulfil the time requirements of the volunteering section. Speak to your DofE leader about this before applying.