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Wayahead Training

If you are unable to attend your own centre’s DofE Gold training & practice expedition then Wayahead Training Ltd are offering an opportunity to complete this with an open group. You’ll meet with your instructor in the morning of the advertised start date and will spend the next 2 days training which includes navigation skills, camp craft skills, planning your route and going over our emergency procedures. Day 3 will be the start of your 3 day practice expedition which meets the minimum requirement set by DofE. 

The price includes Mountain Leader Qualified – Supervisor, accredited assessor and campsite fees. 

We need a minimum of 5 participants for this expedition to run. 

Wayahead Training Ltd provides high quality outdoor education programmes to young people and adults. We hold an AALA license meaning that our procedures and staff qualifications are checked on an annual basis by highly qualified and experienced outdoor professional working on behalf of the health and safety executive.

Dates: 23rd to the 27th October 2017

Venue: Edale in the Peak District 

Cost: £260

Phone: 01298 404002

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.wayahead-training.co.uk