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Lizzie Ward Yoga – Yoga for Bronze Silver and Gold!

Our next course begins week beginning 14th September and will be an after-school class.

Class is broadcast live in a closed Zoom meeting. If you can’t make the time, the recording is always there for you to go back to and catch up when you can, but you must do the class and complete the worksheet within the week.*

Practise the class (45 mins) and use the following 15 mins to complete the weekly task.

Stay in touch on emails and ask as many questions as you like!

Assessment will be signed off at the end of the course. To do this I will require your 12 task worksheets PLUS a time-lapse video of you doing the final class.

Your completed assessment report will be uploaded to your eDofE account.

12 week blocks can be done on their own or added together to accommodate Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Course date:
Course location:
Course fee:
£75 per 12 week block (Bursaries available please contact me for details)