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Yummy Jobs – Gold Residential Cookery course in Switzerland

Swiss Hospitality Club and Swiss Culinary Club have 1-8 week courses. Hands-on hospitality experience in the days followed by group evening activities, this is perfect for those wanting to complete their residential DofE programme while learning an invaluable life skill with a Swiss twist.


Courses for the Swiss Culinary Club take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, in the morning and in the afternoon. Wednesday is dedicated to excursions around the region. The fact that our courses explore different types of culinary traditions every week, opens our programme to students for a training of 1 up to 4 weeks.


Our introduction to culinary arts course takes you on a week long discovery of a country’s traditions involving food. During the week, you will learn about various techniques to work safely in a kitchen, taste new foods, and learn recipes to share with your friends and family.

1 week: CHF 1800.

Accommodation: All students will be allocated double rooms

Airport transfers: CHF 175.- each way

Health & accident insurance: CHF 45.-/week (obligatory for non-EU participants)

Enrolment fees: CHF 110.-

For more information watch this video https://youtu.be/NxIP1hT9Azk 

or go to https://www.yummyjobs.com/study/study-residentialdofe


Testimonial : My week at the Swiss Education Academy in Le Bouveret helped me discover the culinary world. Chef Burke was very attentive and showed us many techniques and recipes during the week. Students were from different nationalities, which brought a lot of interesting conversations and contributed to a relaxed atmosphere. I recommend this programme.





Course location:
Le Bouveret, Switzerland