Over 100 top UK employers endorse a DofE Award as mark of a young person’s soft skills competence

  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) has been endorsed by over 100 top UK employers, as diverse as Burberry to B&Q, as equipping young people with work-ready skills such as team working, resilience, communication and drive.
  • With 85% of employers saying they prioritise character and attitude over academic results[1], a DofE Award enables young people to showcase these aptitudes when applying for jobs.
  • As the DofE celebrates its Diamond Anniversary, its influence on the positive prospects of young people, from all backgrounds and circumstances, is as strong as ever and the Charity announces its ambition to reach out to more in the future.

Over 100 businesses, across all sectors, have endorsed a DofE Award as a recognisable mark of a young person’s soft skills competence.

Senior figures from companies including British Gas, Asda, Google, ITV, Burberry, DFS, Heathrow, Lloyds Banking Group and Amey have stated that they recognise the personal qualities a DofE Award stands for and that they value the achievement when recruiting.

The DofE Skills for Work campaign, supported by British Gas, has been launched to raise UK employers’ awareness of the transferable skills DofE Award holders have to offer, responding to the growing importance of soft skills in the workplace. Endorsements can be viewed at

Claire Miles, Managing Director for Customer Operations at British Gas said: “The DofE develops the skills we look for in our employees like initiative and a determination to learn and progress. It also helps our new recruits to relate to our customers and their lives through the time they spend volunteering in their community.”

Peter Westgarth, Chief Executive of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, said: “We want every UK employer to understand the value of a DofE Award on an applicant’s CV and look out for young recruits with a DofE Award because they value the experience it represents and recognise that the young person’s efforts makes them a great employee, whatever the job.

“The calibre of businesses that have already committed to this campaign is exceptional; as employers they want to attract the right candidates and they know that DofE Award holders have something special to offer.”

In its 60th year, the DofE Charity has set a Diamond Ambition to enable two million more young people to take part in the DofE by 2020, 400,000 from disadvantaged backgrounds.

[1] CBI & Pearson. (2015). Education and Skills Survey

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