Photo Exhibition celebrating The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) kicks off at Heathrow

15 February 2017 – Heathrow Airport, London

A month-long exhibition kicks off at Heathrow Airport’s T5 Gallery featuring DofE-themed photos. The exhibition was formed out of the shortlisted photos in the We Are DofE photo competition, running last year as part of the Charity’s Diamond Anniversary celebrations.

The competition’s theme was We Are DofE and submissions were received from all walks of life. In total, out of more than 1,300 photos submitted, eight were shortlisted to be displayed at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 at the T5 Gallery in an exhibition celebrating the Charity.

The first place winner, teacher and DofE Leader, Jonny Crutchley of Northern Ireland said, “To me, the theme We Are DofE is all about teamwork, as well as the idea that absolutely anyone can do the DofE. Young people come from all walks of life, but through the DofE everyone has a chance to take part and challenge themselves.”

The DofE has been going strong since 1956, and the excitement generated around its Diamond Anniversary has led to more people getting involved than ever before. With over five million young people taking part to date, and countless parents, adult volunteers and other supporters involved, photos were submitted from across the UK.

Heathrow representative Becky Ivers handed out certificates to the shortlisted photographers and congratulated them on their achievement. Heathrow became one of the DofE’s four Headline Diamond Partners 2016. Their support is helping the DofE to lift the number of young people it can help over the next five years, bringing the opportunities and benefits that come from doing the DofE to young people and communities right around the UK.”

 Speaking at the exhibition, where he was on hand to give out the generously donated prizes, Bob Pickles of Canon said, “I’m thrilled to be here, especially because the spirit of the competition and the DofE Charity both represent something that Canon is really committed to – helping young people develop skills. Seeing all these talented young people here today it’s a great reminder of the impact we can have on the next generation.”

Peter Fleet, Director of DofE London, “The DofE transforms the lives of young people who take part, whilst also making a huge difference to communities through the Volunteering section. The amazing photographs in the shortlist capture the fun as well as the challenges that DofE participants faced whilst completing in their chosen activities. It’s through these challenges that young people develop teamwork, self-sufficiency and problem solving skills. The exhibition really highlights the talent and the passion that these photographers have for the DofE.”

The DofE is the world’s leading youth achievement award, with over 250,000 young people currently taking part across the UK. By achieving their DofE, young people develop key skills for work and life, such as leadership, teamwork, resilience, determination and self-confidence.

 Details of the shortlisted entries

Meeting the Locals by Verena Ashford

One of the most striking memories of doing your DofE is the animals you meet along the way. Verena took this photo of her sister Hannah with a cow that they met on expedition.

Sheep Traffic Jam by Jonny Crutchley

Our winning photograph shows Nuala and Bronagh Mullan getting caught up in ‘sheep blockage’ during their Gold DofE expedition in the Lake District. Jonny volunteers regularly as a DofE Leader in Northern Ireland, but this shot was one in a million!

Vertigo Dangle and Shadow Dancing by Jack Fereday

With two photos shortlisted, young photographer Jack Fereday hails from North West London. He’s completed his DofE Bronze Award and is currently working towards his Silver Award.

Expedition End Elation by Paul Heap

This photo shows the end of the second day of a Gold DofE Expedition, and the strong friendships forged by the group. Paul is a DofE volunteer based in Cockermouth, Cumbria and teaches at Cockermouth School.

The Comrade by Edward RE Jones

Our third place photograph shows how the DofE begets teamwork – visually showing two young people scaling a mountain helping each other up. Taken in the Brecon Beacons, this photograph represents the spirit of comradery that keeps young people pushing ahead to complete their challenges and achieve their DofE Award. Edward is an avid photographer and a Bronze and Silver Award holder based in Wales.

Sunset at the Campsite by Tomos Kay

Our second place photograph is a panoramic shot showing a typical DofE campsite. It depicts the end of the second day of a Silver DofE expedition with the group gathered around playing cards and taking in the beauty surrounding them. Tomos is a Bronze Award holder, currently working towards his Silver DofE in Cardiff.

A Hole Lot of Fun by Melissa Marshall

After spending days on expedition, navigating your own way through nature, the sense of relief and pride at having successfully finished is clearly visible.

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