Dunblane’s David irons out the creases in his DofE challenge

One DofE participant has made the headlines this week by adding some extra steam to his DofE journey, ‘extreme ironing’ his way to Gold.

17 year old David Mckinney from Dunblane took his Boys Brigade DofE Leader’s suggestion ‘on board’ and has so far extreme ironed in a variety of unusual locations including on rooftops, in shops, supermarkets, and even in The Dead Sea!

Extreme ironing, dubbed as “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt” involves ironing clothes in remote or unusual locations and is alleged to have started in Leicester in 1997. The unusual sport is now practiced all over the world, including USA, Australia and Germany.

Peter Westgarth, CEO at The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award says:

“We’re delighted to hear David has taken the adventurous spirit of the DofE and made it his own. The DofE is all about a young person’s journey of personal development, overcoming challenges and most importantly, having fun while developing a sense of self confidence and belief, which David certainly sounds like he’s doing!

The beauty of allowing young people to participate in and improve on activities of their choice means that every DofE experience is different and provides participants with the opportunity to explore new surroundings, make new friends, contribute to their local community and develop talents and skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

From zoology to dragon boat racing, dodgeball to go-karting, the opportunities within the DofE are endless. David’s extreme ironing just highlights the breadth of the DofE and the exciting challenges that young people rise to, helping them to develop skills for life and work.

Well done to David for taking the initiative and making his DofE experience a memorable one.”

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