Join the Flag a Munro Challenge Today!

Anyone involved with the DofE may have heard of people going to ‘bag a Munro’ – climbing to the summit of Scotland’s highest mountains. But have you ever heard ‘flag a Munro’? We thought not.

In the spirit of adventurers who bring their country’s flag to the ends on the earth we’re asking DofE participants to ‘Flag a Munro’ to celebrate the 20th Commonwealth Games. It’s part of our Legacy 2014 project Commonwealth Connections. Groups have the opportunity to climb one of Scotland’s 282 Munros and take a photograph at the top with their flag – just like an explorer!

Group registration is now open (30 Jan); climbs will take place between April and June 2014. Participants should talk to their DofE Leader before they sign up. Participants can ‘flag’ as many Munros as they want in a group as big as they want (minimum of 4 people) – we’re trying to flag them all and we need your help!

Visit the Flag a Munro blog for more information and to keep up to date.

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