The DofE joins forces with Lawrence Dallaglio's Foundation

Lawrence Dallaglio swaps skills with DofE participants

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is teaming up with England rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio’s Foundation to enable more young people from all backgrounds to develop life skills through the power of sport.

From September 2013, The DofE will be working with the Dallaglio Foundation to enable young people to take part in the life changing Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through rugby clubs across England. The partnership will give young people the chance to develop employability and life skills such as team work, communication and the ability to work under pressure, all while learning the tactics and rules of rugby on the pitch.

Funded by ICAP, the ‘Powerful Together’ project will see up to 200 young people from all backgrounds join their local rugby club and work towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, gaining valuable attributes and skills, including confidence and resilience, which will help them throughout their lives.

The DofE has been working with young people from all backgrounds since 1956, helping them to develop while working towards one of three progressive Award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Participants joining the Powerful Together programme this year will begin working towards their DofE Bronze Award and have the opportunity to go on to Silver and Gold.

Lawrence Dallaglio, Founder of the Dallaglio Foundation and face of the Powerful Together project, said:

“I know the power sport has for social change and I want to share that with more young people, giving them the chance to find their own success, the DofE is the perfect partner to help achieve this. Thanks to ICAP, more young people will have the chance to engage in rugby while achieving their DofE; an accolade highly sought after by UK employers.

Through their involvement in Powerful Together, young people will volunteer in their communities, undertake exciting, taxing challenges and get fit whilst having fun. This project will open up opportunities for young people to develop valuable skills and gain experience in settings they would not have had the chance to access before.”

Peter Westgarth, CEO at The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, said:

“We are delighted to be working alongside the Dallaglio Foundation and see this as a great opportunity for young people to get into sport and discover their talents. It is our aim to make the DofE available to all and, for many, taking part through rugby clubs will be a huge incentive. Both the DofE and rugby put great emphasis on teamwork, and, no matter what their background or circumstance, young people can contribute and learn skills on the field through this initiative that they can use for the rest of their lives.”

The Powerful Together project will be rolling out initially across six rugby clubs from September 2013.

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