We are pleased to present our research into the experiences, perceptions and aspirations of young people, Seen and Heard. To download the full report and executive summary please click the links below.

Download Seen and Heard – the full report (PDF)
Download Seen and Heard – the executive summary (PDF)

Peter Fleet, Director of the DofE’s London Region, has said that Seen and Heard has ‘given us an insight into how young people feel about the world around them, what concerns them and their feelings towards their futures. In response to this research, the opportunities we offer will continue to be developed in consultation ensuring that we are able to respond to their concerns and support them in achieving their goals and meeting their aspirations’.

1,951 young people aged 14-24 from diverse backgrounds across the whole of London took part in the survey, which challenges many negative stereotypes surrounding both young people and the Capital itself. 86% of young people said they were proud to live in London and 80% felt safe in the places they lived in. 75% said they took part in a weekly sport or physical activity and 69% felt they enjoyed a healthy and balanced diet, in defiance of the couch potato stereotype often imposed on young people today. Touchingly, when asked to name ‘someone who has inspired them’, the most frequent response was ‘mum’.

Seen and Heard reveals that education is a priority issue for young people, with eight out of ten surveyed stating they intend to take part in Higher Education. In addition, the most popular topic that young people wanted to talk to the Mayor of London about was education, specifically the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and university fees. Concerns regarding their careers were also frequently expressed, with almost half of all young people feeling it would be difficult to land the job of their choice, 42% feeling they had not received adequate careers advice and a significant 71% identified money as one of their biggest worries.

These and other issues are explored in depth in the above documents. To interview Hayley Shenholds, compiler of the research or Peter Fleet, or for further information about the research or the DofE, please contact Jack Kirby at [email protected] or on 0207 227 9820.

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