Expedition Networks in Scotland

Welcome to our Expedition Network. Please contact us and we would be happy to help you plan and undertake your expedition.

Contact us:
DofE Scotland, Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5EZ
T: 0131 343 0920
E: [email protected]

Please read our guide to the process of requesting a Network Assessor in Scotland.

Supervisors and Leaders are encouraged to submit notifications by email to at least four weeks prior to the expedition date: [email protected]
Please note that if you are sending Green Forms and routes to Scottish Expedition Areas for notification only, only one set of paperwork is required. If you require an Assessor, two sets are needed.

Sending Green Forms as attachments:
There have been several cases where a DofE Leader has emailed a Green Form to us but the email has not been received because the attachments are too large. The limit on total attachment size to DofE email addresses is 15MB. If your email exceeds this size it will not be delivered, and you will not receive a notification of the issue.

Caitlin acknowledges the receipt of all Green Forms. If you don’t receive acknowledgement of receipt within a couple of working days please contact us to check that your email has been received.

If you are trying to email Green Forms with large attachments, here are a few tips to work around file size limits:

– Split the attachments over several emails so the total attachment size is below 15MB per email.

Zip the files to reduce the size to less than 15MB.

– Use a cloud service to host the files such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive and then give [email protected] access via a link or sharing the folder.

– Email [email protected] saying you have large files to send and Caitlin can send you a link to upload the files to a cloud service.

– Export routes to GPX files from mapping software such as eDofE mapping, Memory map or Anquet, rather than sending a JPEG or PDF file. GPX files are much smaller than other file types and Caitlin has facility to view most common route mapping formats.

– Don’t include unnecessary files such as risk assessments, menu plans, local excursions permissions forms, or blank maps.

– You can find out more about how to check the file size of your attachments on the Computer Hope website.