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The DofE Magazine is aimed at adults involved in the delivery of DofE programmes. It’s published three times a year at the start of each academic term. It’s packed full of news, updates and programme information to help run a DofE group.

It is not intended for distribution to anyone other than those involved in the delivery of DofE programmes and is not suitable for participants or parents.

We send the DofE Magazine by post to all DofE Managers, Leaders and Co-ordinators who are registered on eDofE. We also send copies to registered DofE Accredited Expedition Assessors.

You can order a printed copy through DofE Essentials in eDofE.

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In our Resources Centre you will find back issues of the magazine. You can download the most recent edition below.

Bulk copies

In order to prevent wastage and to ensure that individual copies are sent immediately upon publication to all DofE Managers, Leaders, Co-ordinators and Expedition Assessors, we do not send bulk mailings of the magazine. If you require bulk copies for promotional purposes, these can be obtained from DofE Essentials via eDofE (postage charges apply).

This system ensures that DofE operational support and information gets to those responsible for delivering DofE programmes promptly and to named individuals.

DofE Magazine advertising

For all advertising queries please contact:

Fellows Media Ltd
The Gallery, Manor Farm, Southam, Cheltenham, Glos, GL52 3PB

T: 01242 259249
E: [email protected]

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We send a monthly programme email newsletter to all expedition Assessors and adults with active eDofE accounts. You can view the latest edition below.

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