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Waterproof clothing

Waterproofs are an important part of your expedition clothing, and keep out rain, wind and cold.

Rucksacks and packing

Your rucksack is very important. Get it right, and it can make your expedition. Get it wrong, and you could be in for a long, uncomfortable journey.

Expedition food

Getting the right food will help you enjoy your adventure. It’s a chance to be creative, and to understand more about rationing and outdoor survival.

Walking boots and socks

Choosing the best walking boots and socks for your expedition is crucial. Get them early so you can wear your boots in and be comfortable in time for your expedition.

Technical clothing and layers

Layering your clothing helps you manage your temperature on your journey, and will keep you comfortable in all weathers.

Sleeping bags and mats

A good night’s sleep always helps on expedition. A good sleeping bag can last you many years and be a great value addition to your camping kit.

First aid

On your expedition you’ll need to know how to keep yourself safe in the outdoors, and how to act in an emergency.

Cooking stoves

You’ll need to cook a hot meal and show that you can use a cooking stove effectively in the wild. Get advice and safety instructions on cooking outdoors.

Waterproofing and kit care

Having waterproof kit if it rains on expedition will make it much more enjoyable. Add extra waterproofing to your clothing and footwear before you set off.

Campcraft and cooking

Using specially designed camping utensils can really cut down on weight and space. It’s also more robust than regular cookware, which is helpful on longer Gold expeditions.

Wash kit and tools

There is a wide range of equipment available to ensure your health and safety on your expedition, whether for sunburn, storms, or midges.


For most expeditions, DofE groups will use lightweight trekking tents that are easy to carry and quick to put up.

Maps and compasses

A map and compass are expedition essentials, and it’s important you can trust your navigation skills to guide you on unfamiliar ground.

Tracking systems

Trackers can be used to monitor the location and progress of groups on expeditions – they should be thought of as additional safety equipment, not a navigation tool.

Expedition downloads

Our fantastic free expedition kit resources are here to help you and your group during the preparation and undertaking of the expedition section.