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Why are you sending the DofE Cards direct to home now and no longer in the Welcome Pack?

From October new participants* will receive a personalised DofE Card and parent/carer information leaflet directly to their homes. DofE Cards will be printed with the participant’s name and eDofE ID and should be received within a month of registering their address on eDofE.

Following research with DofE participants, parents/carers and adult volunteers, we hope to increase participant engagement by sending useful information and resources directly to their homes, at the start of their DofE programme when they need it most..

TThis is part of a wider communications project that will in time also feature new digital tools and support resources for DofE Leaders to recruit, engage and manage participants.

The new DofE Card will be personalised with each participant’s name and eDofE ID.

We know that young people are more likely to engage with their activities and complete their programme if they’re supported by their parent/carer. That’s why we’ve provided some encouragement and guidance for parents/carers in the pack.

The DofE is investing in sending the cards direct to participants’ homes early in their programme so they can save at least 10% on any purchases throughout their DofE. The DofE Card is not just for expedition kit, the discounts apply across these stores and they can also be used by the whole family.

When will this happen?

The new participant DofE Cards and parent/carer leaflet will be sent to all participants that have started a DofE programme from 1 July 2018* and completed their address in eDofE. Welcome Packs without a DofE Card or Voucher will continue to be sent directly to Licensed Organisations.

How will this help participants?

The DofE Recommended Retailers, GO Outdoors, Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors and Tiso, have over 200 stores nationwide where the DofE Card can be used. A survey of over 3000 participants and nearly 2000 parents/carers showed that more than 90% of participants need to buy some expedition kit, but over 30% of the cards do not reach their homes and parents/carers.

The DofE Card is not just for expedition kit, it can be used by the whole family. All DofE Card purchases generate a small donation to the DofE charity, which is put towards helping more young people to do their DofE.

What needs to be done for a participant to have their card sent direct to home?

Participant cards will be sent out to all participants that have registered on eDofE from the 1 July 2018* that have completed their home address in the ‘Create participant’ screen. The cards will then be mailed within a month of registration.

The address entered into eDofE must be a UK address. Unfortunately we are unable to send DofE Cards abroad.

I already have Welcome Packs with the old DofE Reward Card or the printed DofE Voucher – can we still give these out?

Yes – all Welcome Packs are still valid and can be used. The DofE printed voucher can still be used in store or online with our recommended retailers until 31 December 2019. If the participant has registered their address on eDofE after 1 July 2018* they will be sent a DofE Card direct to home, regardless of which Welcome Pack they are given by their Leader.

You may have some packs with the old DofE Reward Card (with the Cotswold Outdoor logo). The DofE recommended retailers will only accept these until 31 October 2018, however you and your participants can download a valid voucher from eDofE if you haven’t received your DofE Card by then.

Is the discount on the new participant DofE Cards the same as the vouchers?

Yes, each retailer’s DofE discount are the same for both the DofE Card and DofE Vouchers – printed in the Welcome Pack and downloaded.

Does the participant have to buy a GO Outdoors Discount Card to use their DofE Card?

No. All DofE Cards used in GO Outdoors will need to be activated as the first purchase in store for each card is unique. The card will be scanned, and you will be asked for your name and email address. You can still use your card if you do not wish to give your personal contact details.

All DofE Vouchers require a GO Outdoors Discount Card (worth £5) that will be given for FREE.

What happens if the participant loses their DofE Card?

They need to email [email protected] to request a replacement card. In the meantime, they can download the DofE Voucher from eDofE.

What happens if the participant DofE Card has an incorrect name printed on it?

Participants’ details are taken directly from eDofE so please make sure names are entered correctly at the beginning. If a name is printed incorrectly, they can email [email protected] to request a replacement card. However, the participant can still use the card with the incorrect name or download the DofE Voucher from eDofE.

Can participants’ parents and carers use their DofE Card without the participant being with them?

Yes, the DofE Card is not just for expedition kit and we hope it will benefit other members of the family too. As many parents and carers need to purchase kit and other items for their sons and daughters, all of our DofE recommended retailers will accept them without the participant being in store.

My participant has not been sent their DofE Card – why?

Please check their eDofE account to see if their address has been registered. If they haven’t included their address, they should do so as soon as possible, once it is entered they should then receive their DofE Card.

If their record does have an address, then please check in their ‘History’ to see the date they completed their mandatory personal information. If this is prior to 1 July 2018* then they will not have been sent a DofE Card and should use the downloadable DofE Voucher in eDofE to access their discounts or email [email protected] to request a card.

If it is after 1 July 2018, and it still hasn’t been received within one month, please email [email protected]

I have participants already doing their DofE programme – will they be sent a card or is it only new participants?

If the participant registered their address on eDofE before 1 July 2018* then they will not be sent a DofE Card direct to home. However, they can still access the same discounts using the downloadable DofE Voucher in eDofE or they can contact [email protected] to request a card.

Will the participant get a new card for each Award level they do?

Yes. The DofE Cards are allocated to each participant starting an Award level.

When will the Welcome Packs ordered from DofE Essentials no longer include the DofE Vouchers?

Welcome Packs without DofE Vouchers will start being sent to fulfil DofE Essentials orders in autumn 2018.


If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected]

* 1 June 2018 for participants in Scotland and National Operating Authorities