Up to 25% off tracking solutions

Mapyx is dedicated to bringing digital maps and tools to the widest possible audience by providing quality software and maps at the lowest prices possible. Mapyx systems are in use by schools, expeditions, mountain and lowland rescue services, Plas Y Brenin, police forces and the Ministry of Defence.

The Mapyx tracking solution is recommended by the DofE.  Mapyx was selected after an extensive assessment of available systems and surveys of DofE groups using the Mapyx tracking system. They aim to become the leading consumer digital mapping supplier by:

  • Offering unbeatable value-for-money with competitively priced, high-quality products
  • Helping people share their data (routes, pictures, reviews and more) and build communities around their hobbies, clubs and associations
  • Recognising that others have great products too and finding ways to partner with

Key benefits of the Mapyx Tracking Solution:

  • Peace of mind for DofE Leaders and Assessors
  • Savings on fuel due to a known location
  • Remote supervision, without taking away the need for Leaders/Assessors to retain total responsibility
  • Cost-effective technological solutions to aid effective management
  • Already in use by existing DofE groups
  • Tracking of multiple groups
  • Compatible with the eDofE Mapping system to permit the transfer of data

The offer:

  • Up to 25% discount off professional tracking solutions for DofE Groups
  • Flexible payment solutions
  • Pay only for months that you use the trackers, or
  • Pay for annual use

Mapyx offer three purchase solutions:

  • Entry Level – Trackers and an internet portal from ~ £750 for 4 Trackers
  • The Full-Service Solution from ~ £1200 for 4 Trackers
  • The Full-Service Solution plus School Network from ~ £1600 for 4 Trackers

Examples of full-service solutions for the number of trackers and monthly usage charges in 2020:

Year 1 Costs Full Solution
Usage months
Trackers 2 4 6
4 £1,326 £1,433 £1,539
6 £1,689 £1,849 £2,009
8 £2,053 £2,265 £2,478


Year 2 + Costs Full Solution
Usage months
Trackers 2 4 6
4 £495 £602 £708
6 £593 £753 £912
8 £691 £903 £1,116
Discounts applied
Costs exclude VAT

For more information:

  1. Visit the Mapyx DofE website
  2. Call 01392 241428 or email [email protected]


About Mapyx Tracking Solutions

The Mapyx Tracking Solution is a fully integrated bespoke mapping and tracking system designed for the Outdoor Education sector.

It’s the Official GIS & Digital Mapping Partner of Mountain England & Wales and Lowland Rescue. Mapyx solutions are in use by Search & Rescue Professionals, the Police, the Ministry of Defence, Fire Services and hundreds of educational organisations both in UK and abroad; they are simply the preferred choice for professionals.

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