Tracking solutions for DofE expeditions

Expeditions are a major part of the DofE experience – Mapyx enable the schools and organisations to feel reassured and know their groups are safe while they carry out their challenge. With the weather being highly unpredictable, Mapyx gives peace of mind to both parents, Leaders and participants alike, so that everyone has the best and safest experience possible.

3SGroup (Mapyx) is the market leader for fully integrated mapping, search management, and tracking solutions. Known for being the chosen system of Mountain & Lowland Rescue, Maritime Coastguard Agency, the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces and hundreds of educational organisations both in the UK and abroad, it’s widely used due to its technical ability, background support, reliability, simplicity to use and flexible payment options.

Why choose Mapyx?

Whether you are a personal user such as walkers, hikers, cyclists, etc., or professional users such as educational and search organisations, Mapyx offers peace of mind. It enhances the experience, safety, education and protection of anyone taking part in all forms of outdoor activity.

Benefits for DofE Leaders & participants

The tracking system displays the location of the tracker on receiving devices (PC, network, mobile, and cloud-based) and offers a fully integrated platform to monitor the location and progress of groups on expeditions.

  • Satellite technology for additional reliability
  • 24/7 support – additional emergency service
  • Monitored checkpoints are used for improved safeguarding and participant experience
  • Full GB mapping – free of charge and updated bi-annually
  • Tracking of multiple groups in multiple locations
  • Variable payment options
  • Keeps participants safe for as little as £5.38 (1st year) and £2.84 (2nd year) per pupil/participant per day
  • Risk assessment tool
  • Full outdoor adventure support and routing system – bike and walking routes available to add on
  • Worldwide mapping is available for school trips abroad
  • Teaching aid and route planner

About Mapyx Tracking Solutions

The Mapyx Tracking Solution is a fully integrated bespoke mapping and tracking system designed for the Outdoor Education sector.

It’s the Official GIS & Digital Mapping Partner of Mountain England & Wales and Lowland Rescue. Mapyx solutions are in use by Search & Rescue Professionals, the Police, the Ministry of Defence, Fire Services and hundreds of educational organisations both in UK and abroad; they are simply the preferred choice for professionals.

For more information about tracking systems, click here.

Pupils feel reassured that we can find them using the Mapyx tracking system if they get lost. We have many expedition groups out at the same time and therefore having such an easy-to-use system as Mapyx is essential. We can see pupils in real time, locate a group by quick text or TrackWeb, and can see where they have been walking and where they went wrong.
Oundle School, East Northamptonshire
DofE Manager