Up to 20% off at Tiso

Tiso – Scotland’s leading specialist retailer for outdoor clothing, camping equipment and climbing gear.

Use your DofE Card to save up to 20% at Tiso in store and online.

Are you a DofE participant? Use your DofE Card to get 15% off .

Are you a DofE Leader or adult volunteer? Use your DofE Card to get 20% off.

How to claim your Tiso discount:

  1. Visit Tiso.com or visit your local store
  2. Present your DofE Card at the checkout to get your extra 15% or 20% discount – click here to see how it works
  3. If shopping online, use the online discount code on your DofE Card (as seen below)

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About Tiso

Tiso is Scotland’s leading outdoor specialist retailer for outdoor clothing, camping equipment, cycling & climbing gear.

Tiso has been serving the Scottish outdoor market for over fifty years. They are proud to be a family business, run locally by people who understand the unique nature of the Scottish conditions. They believe the experience they have accumulated ensures they are ideally placed to offer the best range, advice and price. The brands stocked share their commitment to quality and integrity. Tiso has shops located across Scotland so whether you’re walking, camping or climbing, Tiso has the gear and expert advice for you.

How much discount do I get?

As a DofE participant you receive 15% off at Tiso and as a DofE Leader or adult volunteer you receive 20% off at Tiso.

Just show your DofE Card at the checkout or input the online code and they will apply the total discount.

Find your nearest Tiso store here.

Full terms and conditions apply.

The Tiso Footwear Guarantee terms and conditions

  • Guarantee only relates to customers who have received a full fit (measurement, customer needs, footbed discussion, test ramp use, customer feedback, lacing, socks)
  • If customer buys boots without a fit, their receipt states ‘Advice not taken’ and Tiso guarantee doesn’t apply.
  • If customer has a guarantee, Tiso will offer 2 full refits to address the problems they have experienced, looking at volume reducers, rubbing bars, footbeds, new socks, etc;
  • If the problems persist, Tiso may look at taking the boots back within 3 months and offering a replacement if they feel they have not received the best fit service.
  • Customer would need to return boots in clean, dry condition together with proof of purchase.