Blog 21.02.2022

Environmentally friendly walking boots from Hi-Tec

Our DofE Expedition Kit partner, Hi-Tec, have launched their DofE recommended V-Lite Psych Mid WP and Raven Mid WP walking boots as the beginning of their brand’s very important journey to focus and develop environmentally considered, sustainable products without compromising on performance.

About the Psych

Brand new for 2022, the DofE recommended Psych Mid WP upper fabric is a made from 100% recycled softshell fabric made from recycled plastics.

In fact, each pair of lightweight, waterproof walking boots are made from 2.81 recycled 380ml plastic bottles.

With the support from Global Recycled Standards (GRS) Hi-Tec were able to identify, certify and quantify the exact percentage of 100% recycled materials used in the manufacturing of our products.

These lightweight, waterproof walking boots are also vegan friendly!

About the Raven

The DofE recommended Raven Mid WP is engineered from a rip-stop nylon upper and is comfortable straight out of the box for those used to wearing trainers but need the protection on their adventures from a waterproof mid-cut boot – though we still recommend to wear in your boots before your expeditions!

The boot in its entirety is vegan friendly whereby no animals or animal by-products were used in the manufacture of this boot.

Did you know? Hi-Tec’s footwear boxes are already produced from 80% recycled materials and can be 100% recycled!

What do Hi-Tec say about their sustainability journey?

It is an unavoidable reality that the footwear and clothing we sell, along with the nature of our business, combine to create an environmental and social footprint.

We take this responsibility very seriously and are determined to become part of the solution and not part of the problem.

We are actively exploring multiple ways to ensure that what we sell is as sustainable as possible and environmentally considered if possible. Clearly this needs to be carefully balanced with our commitment to our products being fit for purpose and capable of performing in some of the toughest environments.

Improving our sustainability as a business and in our product development is a journey to which we are fully committed. We are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure we play our part in protecting the environment and wild places for the benefit of future generations.

For even more information, please visit the Hi-Tec website.

About Hi-Tec

Hi-Tec is driven by a mission to get the world outdoors and experience a new view. Leading outdoor crossover culture, the brand enables those who find themselves both in the city and on the trail, seeking new experiences.

From discovering the great outdoors to running through urban jungles, Hi-Tec is versatile anywhere.

To learn even more about Hi-Tec and why they partner with the DofE, visit our Hi-Tec partner page.

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