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How Vango are striving for a sustainable future

Who are Vango?

Established in 1966, Vango design and manufacture outdoor equipment. The team are based in the Scottish Highlands and are motivated by making nature accessible to all – from the mountaineer enthusiast surviving extreme weather, to families enjoying the great outdoors on holiday.

Vango’s core values stand on five pillars – reliability, quality, innovation, design and usability. Through years of experience and continuous research, the gear Vango produce is consistently innovative and stands in a lane of its own. The DofE and Vango’s close partnership has enabled generations of young people to experience outdoor adventure like never before. Vango have been on the DofE Expedition Kit List for over a decade now. Whether it’s tents, rucksacks or sleeping bags, their products consistently feature on our Kit List, favoured by participants and Leaders alike.

Doing More, with Less

The great outdoors and the spirit of adventure are two values Vango believe in upholding. The company have over 50 years of history in supporting the environment. In 2021, Vango pledged to further improve their efforts into sustainable business practices, so the UK’s wildlands are preserved for future generations. They aim to do this through three key areas: the launch of their Earth Collection which will help recycle plastic waste, their Spares and Repairs Service which refurbishes outdoor gear, and through their partnership with Sheltersuit UK, donating tent fabrics and sleeping bag fillings to be upcycled into shelter for the homeless.


Say Hello to the Earth Collection

The Earth Collection is a range of equipment that all share the same sustainable DNA. PET single-use plastics are collected, sorted, washed, crushed and made into pellets. These are then spun into thread, which is used to weave into quality fabrics. This fabric then finds its way into various camping equipment in the Earth Collection. It’s plastic recycled into adventure.

In 2021, the Earth Collection recycled plastic waste equivalent to 1.8M plastic bottles (500ml size). This year that number has increase to 8.25M plastic bottles (500ml) and by the end of 2023 that number will reach 16M.


The Spares and Repairs service

Another effort to reduce their carbon footprint is the Spares and Repairs Service. Their mission is simple: to prolong the life of your kit. They do this by adhering to the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. From small-stitching repairs and re-taping seam seals to specialist pole make-ups, the team carry over 100+ years of collective experience in the outdoor industry and are capable of even the trickiest of repair jobs.

Where products are beyond repair, component parts are stripped from the product to be used in future repairs and the remaining fabrics are upcycled. Their comprehensive stock also gives them the flexibility to provide you with almost any replacement you might require.

In the spirit of combining landfill reduction with humanitarian efforts, Vango also makes charitable donations to various upcycling organisations, including Sheltersuit UK. Sheltersuit uses fabrics and fillings from tents and sleeping bags to make innovative products for those affected by homelessness. To date, Sheltersuit has upcycled over 21,000kg of materials and Vango are proud to have contributed to this cause.

Which Vango products feature on our Kit List?

Several items from the collection feature on the DofE Recommended Kit List – our recommendations for expedition equipment. For instance, the Sherpa 60:70 rucksack has a shaped adjustable harness which allows the user to create their optimum fit, while the AirMesh straps keep participants cool through intelligent airflow design. The Microlite 200 sleeping bag also comes recommended, due to its ultra-low pack size and high warmth to weight ratio, keeping you comfortable at night in a portable package.

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