Free online courses that can be completed for your DofE Skills section.

The DofE are working in partnership with IBM SkillsBuild to enable DofE participants to access 100s of courses and certifications to complete the Skills section of their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

Choose from a wide range of digital learning in tech and professional skills that employers need in their teams today.

Courses include:

  • Preparing for your First Job
  • Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals
  • Basic Principles of design
  • Explorations into Mindfulness

Find out more below about how you can get involved with SkillsBuild…


Create your own bespoke SkillsBuild programme by combining different courses to achieve the relevant hours for your Award level.

  1. Register your name and email address on the unique DofE SkillsBuild link.
  2. Browse the courses available on SkillsBuild and select your chosen course.
  3. Track your progress throughout each course, log on and learn on multiple devices, at home, school or elsewhere.
  4. Once a course is complete you will receive industry recognised digital badges that you can add onto your CV.
  5. Evidence your activity by screen-shotting Learning hours completed.


Participants sign up here

How to register on SkillsBuild

DofE Leaders & Assessors

DofE Leaders and volunteers can set up a group license, where they can register their participants onto SkillsBuild.

  1. Register yourself as an ‘educator’ on SkillsBuild on the unique DofE SkillsBuild link.
  2. Enter the name and email address of each participant
  3. Monitor their progress and achievement and advise which courses may be best for their career goals.
  4. Help them capture the evidence needed for their DofE Skills Section.

Leaders & Assessors sign up here

How to register your group

How to assess a Participants' progress